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The Original Stroll – February 1958

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Son of a bitch !

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Paris Is Burning (full doc)

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Full doc here

Better quality below, just click on the next part on youtube

Ricky caught masturbating

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Cinema’s Most Disturbing Smooches

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Weird German-Language 1958 Science Fiction Musical

I definitely need subtitles here

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100 Greatest Nicolas Cage Quotes

Nic Cage is a God

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Apollo 17 “I was strolling on the Moon one day”

This is a real footage

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Created by Chris Beckman, “Oops” is a film composed entirely of YouTube videos in which the camera is accidentally dropped.

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Haight-Ashbury Museum of Psychedelic Art and History

Please donate to make this museum a reality, you can find more information about donating here:…

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