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Where Will I Go When I’m Dead And Gone?

This is a surprisingly catchy song

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Anti-Gay Activists Compare The “Homosexual Agenda” To Titanic And Icebergs

People can be so stupid…

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Zombie Ass : The Toilet of the Dead (NSFW)

Oh God…

Crazy Guy Climbs Stalin’s Skyscraper in Moscow [176 m / 577 ft]

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Olivier de Sagazan – Transfiguration

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Other videos here

Frat House

Made for HBO and never aired.

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Terrifying wingngsuit crash

I just couldn’t help but shout “owwww”

This lucky guy is still alive !

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Kidnapped for Christ Trailer

So many push ups for Jesus

Ultimate Tazer Ball : worst game ever

Bunch of fucking retards

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Reba Schappell – The Fear of Being Alone

Via Spaceghetto (NSFW adult website)

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